Life 365 | Week 41

Well, well, wellllllll… isn’t it amazing how it appears to take forever for my bagel to toast yet the weekend zooms by faster than you can say bagels and shmear? Who’s in charge here? I would like to speak to the manager.

Mama bear is still fighting a cold- allergies- sinus infection- DEATH- type thing so I’m none too happy. Thankfully I am still able to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Oh wait. 

Even though I feel like an elephant is sitting on my head and the seven little dwarves are mining in my pharynx, I thought I’d pop by to show you some picadoos from this week. Dear Lord, maybe I need to cool it on the crazy pills. Except I don’t even get to take the good medicine because breastfeeding. Oh I just LOVE natural remedies. (NO. My name is Samantha and I love western medicine).

Any who, here are some photos from the past week before my nose explodes. Ew, I’m gross today. 

SIX It’s just too bad that Emma doesn’t know how to relax. I guess I’ll just sleep in the crib.

SEVEN "Mom give me your phone. I need to take a picture of your ridiculous facial expressions to show to my friends at school. They don’t believe me when I say I have a crazy, bouncing ferret for a mother.“

EIGHT Say cheese! No Emma, I didn’t say cheesy. This girl is seriously so smiley in the morning. I wish I could say the same about her daddy.

NINE "Don’t cry for me Argentinaaaaaaa!!” She just needs a boa and this pose on top of a piano to make this look complete…

TEN This girl is killing mehhh. 

Me before Emma: “My children will not be spoiled, they won’t get away with anything.”

Me after Emma: “Shoot… Welp, there goes my willpower.”

ELEVEN Auntie Grace, the other jungle gym.

TWELVE EMMA! You are at church, that is inappropriate. Where are your shoes? (Seriously though, baby bellies are my kryptonite.)

You’ll be pleased to know that we chose Emma’s Halloween costume. But I’m not going to tell you yet. Your face is going to explode when you see it though. I may faint and slip blissfully into a cuteness-induced coma. 

Have a great week everyone. If you need me I’ll be under that pile of tissues in the corner weeping over my unopened package of sudafed because breastfeeding.