Emma played hooky


(Name that song.)

So as it turns out, the expression up to my elbows is a real thing. Washing baby bottles might be the most tedious thing on the planet. Well, besides counting the number of cells on a slide under a microscope (yes I’ve done that, hashtag nerd). But you know what we get to add into the up-to-the-elbows washing game? Baby spoons! Yup, that’s right, Emma tried her first solid food and now I have more dishes to do! Wait, why am I celebrating?

Things are pretty crazy over on these parts lately. I’ve been exceptionally busy at school and miss needy Emma has decided that she is wildly unhappy unless she is in our arms at all times (teething? allergies? evil-plotting?). We have gotten great at the game pass-the-baby. So far Emma is winning. 

Emma badger is not amused.

My momma and sista were here for a few days and Emma got to play hooky. That girl gets away with errathang. We had a great few days and all was swell. Emma is spoiled. But as of right now, I am completely okay with it. 


Look at those gams! Emma was jazzed to see her auntie Mariah and I was jazzed to be able to pawn her off so I could finally take a shower (remember that needy thing we were talking about). And I’ve said jazzed too many times.

She got so excited to see her auntie and grandma that she passed out. Either that, or she was day-drinking again. She has been hitting that milk HARD lately. Lush. But the better to grow that baby chunk my dear. 

After a long and deathly hot car ride, my mom and sis finally made it to grand old San Francisco. They blew right past me and started smothering the little girl with love. Welp, I guess I’ll just sit over here.

We enjoyed some good conversation, great food, and partook in something exceptionally important. We organized Emma’s crayons.

No, I am not crazy. And yes, I have a need to color-code everything. I don’t know if you all did this when you were kids (or 25 like me, whatever) but I always needed to organize my crayons. My sis got Emma this gigantuous set of crayons and one single tear fell down my cheek. We had debates of about the various hues of blue verses purple and my mom laughed at us.

On Sunday, we took a walk in the sunshine and my skin yowled like the melting wicked witch. I need to get out more. I promise I grew up in the land of the sun. I hope they take me back one day.

The benefit of warm weather is baby tank tops revealing delicious baby arm rolls. I swear, I am seconds away from writing a post about baby chub. Yowza, my legs are white. Baby seals could hide near them and just blend in. Okay moving on. Hello?

We got some lunch at our favorite lobster company and my sister and I slurped on some oysters. Paul thought we were disgusting. I was all like, more horseradish please! I don’t think he’s kissed me since.

We also got a lovely flat tire and noticed it when we were trying to leave the restaurant. Good thing we had AAA. They asked me if I had a doo-dad to remove the wheel from the whats-it. I told them I don’t even know how to open the hood of the car. Awkward silence.

Emma was obviously jealous of all our oyster slurping so we decided to let her try her first solid food! By the way, rice cereal looks like what happens when you leave yogurt in the fridge for too long, but Emma really seemed to like it. What do ya know? It went a little something like this:

“What is this contraption you’ve put me in? And why is my cape on backwards? Unhand me you brute!”

“Hmm, this is interesting. Let me just put this in my mouth. What else do I not though?”

“What. The. HEY.”

“Oh wait, I like that. Give me more of that. NOW!”

She seemed to really be enjoying herself and I seemed to not enjoy cleaning rice cereal off of the ceiling. We are just giving her small amounts of rice cereal mixed with breast milk. At her six-month check up, her doc is going to tell us all about starting pureed fruits, veggies, and oysters. Oh wait…

On Monday, Miss Emma got to play hooky with her Mamaw and Auntie.

And according to this outfit, Emma is working on her documentary. All she needs is big glasses and a Macbook at Starbucks for this look to be complete. Baby jeggings, COME ON! You’re welcome, uterus.

I am so glad that Emma got to spend some time with the fam. I can tell she really loves them. She just lights up when she sees my mom and my sister. Plus, my sis is the queen at getting Emma to laugh. It’s so stinkin precious. 

We were imitating Emma’s complete lack of looking at the camera. What a diva.

Happy Weekending.