So the baby took us on a road trip

So after nearly three months of being locked up at home in our tiny little one bedroom apartment and two months of being slaves to a brand new little one, we finally got out of town to see the family down in Southern California. Emma wanted us to show her off.

Wasn’t she just a peach to take the first leg of the trip?

We left Saturday morning to see Paul’s family first. They pounced on Emma like she was a piece of cake. But who can blame ‘em? We made our rounds. Everybody, meet Emma! Emma meet everybody!

Sunday was Father’s Day and Emma and I started off by jumping on Paul’s face to wake him up. Okay maybe we didn’t jump, but Emma gave him some slobbery kisses and a big poop. Same thing, right?

We had a BBQ at Paul’s grandma’s house and took Emma for her first swim. After we slathered on 2,138 ounces of baby sunscreen, we took a little dip. Her facial expressions didn’t scream joy, so hopefully she doesn’t run away from home. 

Once we got over the new environment adjustment (aka, screaming for three hours straight), Emma slept like a hibernating bear. In fact, so did I. Remind me to get a king-sized foam mattress one of these days. Sweet Jesus, it’s heavenly.

Okay, so there is this AMAZING ice cream and candy store in Paul’s hometown called Dewar’s Candy Shop and I definitely went there three times in four days. If 20 pints of peppermint ice cream is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! I could probably write a whole post about their sundaes alone, but not everyone is as insane for ice cream as I am. 

Our nieces loved Emma too. I’m sure they would have tried to smother her in kisses if I hadn’t enforced the baby bubble. Emma needs a few more shots until I throw her into the germ colosseum then, you’re up kid. 

Emma also experienced her first heat wave and I was reminded of what it was like to grow up in Southern California. Holy chocolate starfish batman, it was HOT. Like sweating on everything I sit on, hot. Like fry eggs on the sidewalk, hot. My legs were whiter than a Southern Belle’s coming out party, but it was nice to get some sun. I’m sure my skin cells are still in shock.

After a few days with Paul’s family, we headed down to see mine. Thankfully our families only live about an hour apart so we can hit up all the peeps whenever we’re down South. Emma finally got to meet my sister and her auntie! They have the same birthday and the same nose, twinsies!

Emma pulled out all the stops and was especially cute, obviously. We went to some restaurants, shared some drinks, and watched some musicals. It was gooooood. We have to get started on the show tunes early, ya know? 

She is also working on some pretty awesome fat rolls. Maybe I need to stop mixing doughnuts into her milk. P.S. That’s Reginald, her new unicorn from her Auntie

These photos have earned her a new nickname: Chubs McGee.

Thursday and Friday we spent time with the family. I also ate 15 billion bagels from my favorite bagel place in the whole wide world. They must be made with sorcery. How else could they taste so dang good? I need them to deliver a dozen to my apartment, erra. single. day. 

Wow, I sure do talk about food a lot. Breastfeeding, ya’ll. Any who…

I am convinced that she is taking human growth hormone. She is growing right before my eyes. STAHP IT.

Saturday was my sister’s graduation party! They grow up so fast don’t they? The whole extended family came over. We ate. We laughed. We played cards. Now, if you’ve ever been to a gathering at my parent’s house you may be reminded of The Hunger Games. Basically, the food is all laid out and 192480 hands jump on the table and all that’s left are crumbs and broken hearts. Okay, not broken hearts, but maybe broken fingers if you are going after the same piece of cake as someone else. It’s a blood bath, and I love it. 

We also practiced the dance from Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Shout out to Emma and my darling husband for letting me torture them while trying to take all my ridiculous photos. (Please don’t leave me.)

After a water fight in the backyard and a rousing game of hot potato (Emma was the potato), we finally had a chance to sit down. Emma was mortified that we were wearing color coordinated outfits. I swore it was just a coincidence.

My aunts got to reminiscing about all their babies when they were babies. I guess we’ve gone full circle, eh? Now the babies are having babies. BABIES!

Overall, it was a great trip and we had a grand ol’ time. Hopefully we will get back down at the end of the summer for another round of pass the baby.