Life 365 | Week 25

Woah nelly, it’s Monday again!

Welp, we are back in San Francisco trying to get back to our rhythm. Emma was a trooper throughout our trip and only pooped on one person (sorry Katie!). I’ll do a whole trip post later this week. 

So I only have one more week of maternity leave left and I’m starting to have those feelings

Why would I leave my baby?!

I’m a horrible mother

What if she forgets me?

Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? (Okay I was getting a little existential there)

But I try to silence the little gremlin voice inside my head. I am a good mother and I am doing what’s best for my family in the long run by finishing school and following my career path. Good thing my mom is the first one to watch her after I go back to school Monday, because she won’t mind me harassing her for pictures and updates every 0.20389 seconds. 

Here are last week’s photos.

SIXTEEN Is it just me or does she seem to be staring into your soul? That’s one deep baby.

SEVENTEEN “Hey fellas, don’t forget your ticket to the gun show.”

EIGHTEEN I went around Paul’s grandma’s house to take pictures of Paul’s childhood photos. OHMYGOODNESS he was a cute kid.

NINETEEN Like auntie, like niece. I guess big cheeks run in the family. 

TWENTY Gahh, she slays me. This girl has some serious rolls going on.

TWENTY-ONE She seriously passes out like a frat boy after Greek week. Am I putting booze in her breast milk or something? 

TWENTY-TWO After a long week, we headed home. She’s a great sleeper in the car. If only I could get the car into the apartment for those last night scream sessions. P.S. She loves her new unicorn, Reginald. 

Emma has her two-month check up this week. She will probably poop on me for revenge after her shots.