The truth about pregnancy brain

Today, I am 33 weeks pregnant! Wee! I have another OB appointment this afternoon so I hope everything is still happy and healthy in there.

Before I got pregnant, I had heard about pregnancy brain. Mostly, I heard that pregnant woman become forgetful and scatter-brained. Well I am here to tell you the truth about pregnancy brain - it is so much more than forgetting where your keys are.

I liken pregnancy brain to not having full control over your own mind. I find it rather frustrating because I have always relied on my intelligence, rationality, and analytical capacity to get me through the day. For me, pregnancy brain is not just about being forgetful but it includes emotional outbursts and being easily distracted {as well as many more pleasant symptoms}.

This is my “don’t provoke the beast” face. 

WHERE THE BLEEP IS MY CELL PHONE? As I am holding my phone, I frantically search for it. And I cannot remember if I brushed my teeth five minutes ago. 

WHY IS EVERYONE ESPECIALLY ANNOYING TODAY? Sometimes I need a three-foot perimeter where you should not enter unless you want your eyes scratched out. Stop humming. Your perfume smells. Stop touching my belly.

HYSTERICAL CRYING. The ugly, snot-filled crying over anything from an insurance commercial to running out of yogurt to not being able to get comfortable. 

WHAT WAS I DOING AGAIN? I enter a room and cannot remember why I am there and my thoughts trail off mid-conversation.

I NEED TO BUY EVERYTHING BABY-RELATED, LIKE YESTERDAY. I have become obsessed with checking the registry, putting together furniture, and making sure our apartment is ready for baby. Yes, I obviously need a baby wipe warmer, why are you asking me that?

WAS THAT A CONTRACTION?! Every little symptom or hiccup and I think I’m going into pre-term labor, ugh. 

So yes, pregnancy brain is very real. And apparently, I have mommy brain to look forward to in less than two months.