Awkward and Awesome

I really enjoyed writing the first post of my new Awkward and Awesome series and I hope you liked it too.


- Those creepy Toaster Strudel commercials. You know which ones I’m talking about.

- I misspell my last name at least once per month. Jeez it has like 2,300 letters in it.

- Getting hit in the head by someone’s bag on the shuttle. Welp, now I’m awake.

- Parking with enough room to get Emma’s carseat out of the backseat and coming back with a new car pressed up oh so close to our car.

- Going to get another sip from my coffee cup and realizing I finished it… 20 minutes ago.

- That I don’t live within driving distance of Disneyland. I’m actually pretty devastated about that.


- This incredible pizza I ate on Sunday. Stone fruit, pancetta, and watercress - holy sweet baby puppies.

- Three words: Pumpkin Spice Lattes. COMING AUGUST 25TH.

- Picking up a $4 bottle of wine at Trader Joe’s on an impulse and having it turn out to be pretty dang delicious.

- Watching Emma enjoy the music at church.

- Getting to sleep in when Paul takes Emma to daycare on my morning off.

- The We Have Concerns podcast and laughing out loud on public transportation while listening to them in the morning.