Life 365 | Week 33

So I hate to break it to you… There will no pictures of Emma this week.

Bahahaha, just kidding, could you imagine?

So as I mentioned on Saturday, I had a kick-you-in-the-stomach busy week last week. I expect this week to be equally busy, but I am determined to emerge from the rock I’ve been living under and schedule some posts for the week. This morning, I do not have clinic (say what?) but I do have to stay after clinic this evening for a meeting so I guess it evens out. The three of us are going to Tahoe for Labor Day weekend so I am looking forward to our mini-vacation.

Here are last week’s photos.

ELEVEN This girl wins all the awards for best facial expressions. Those brows just kill me!

TWELVE Grace manages to takes some of the best photos of Emma. (By the way Grace, I do not think that your obsession with taking photos of Emma is creepy. It’s a win-win in my book.)

THIRTEEN Why do I feel like I’ve done something wrong?

FOURTEEN Emma, I apologize for giving you my epic nostrils. But I think you’ve gotten me back with some of your poops from the ninth circle of hades. Can we call it even now?

FIFTEEN So you know what happens when you buy adorable new leggings for your little one and put them on her for the first time? She has an explosive blow out at daycare. I guess we have solved the mysteries of the universe.

SIXTEEN Emma has almost mastered sitting up on her own. Key word: almost. This was taken 0.2 seconds before she face planted into the couch.

SEVENTEEN Emma put on her Sunday best for church. She paused to model for us: “And vogue, and vogue, work it.”

Have a wonderful week everyone!