At the moment

Apparently, sleeping in is a thing of the past. I fought it as long as possible. I kicked, I screamed, I wailed. I thought, How could it be so? Say it isn’t so! If I just stay in bed, surely sleeping in will occur! Alas, I will just have to change the definition of sleeping in to 6 am.

Did I mention that it’s Saturday?

Good thing the coffee is a flowin’. 

Here is what I am up to at the moment.

READINGThe Mortal Instruments City of Ashes. I cannot put it down.

EATING Quiche from Trader Joe’s. Come to mama.

DRINKING My new White Chocolate Peppermint rooibos tea from Teavana.

WEARING My new leather ankle booties. They keep my feet warmer than ballet flats and go with everything.

SMELLING This cinnamon whisk from Trader Joe’s. It wafts its gloriousness every time we open and close our door.

STUDYING For the written portion of my dental license exam. Think of me on November 22nd.

LISTENING To 1989 on repeat. And also my first bit of Christmas music for the season.

LOVING My new iPhone 6. The screen! The picture quality! Drool.

ENJOYING Introducing Emma to different solid foods. So far she’s tried applesauce, banana, squash, sweet potato, berries, toys, her own feet, and mama’s clothing.

RECOVERING From a pinky finger sprain.

WATCHING Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Obviously.

SHARING My November devotion on Blessed Is She.

Paul is still in Tahoe for a boys trip. He’s been having so much fun - fishing, gambling, golfing, and sharing their deepest secrets over ice cream. Boys do that right? Emma and I are holding down the fort. Send food!

Happy weekending!