Life 365 | Week 45

Happy Veteran’s Day! 

Emma and I have school off today, yay! But we (meaning I) have a lot of chores and other to-dos to get done today so I am just popping by to dump some cuteness on your face.

Is this the little girl I carried…!? (NAME THAT SONG)

My pumpkin butt is doing some serious standing and cruising. She even gets so far as to gently rest one hand up against support and pivot her weight. She’s going to be walking before I know it. Why yes, that’s mommy sobbing in the corner. My tiny teacup chihuahua is getting so big. 

Here are last week’s photos. Enjoy!

THREE See what I mean? Absolute show-off. And now I’m sobbing again.

FOUR This girl is one adorable puddle of chub. I have nothing else to say about this photo besides that. 

FIVE Emma and I have been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I keep saying that we will be like Lorelai and Rory, then she rolls her eyes and tells me that we can never have that relationship until I give her coffee in her bottle.

SIX This girl is the definition of cool. All she needs is a leather jacket and sunglasses. I draw the line at the James Dean cigarette. 

SEVEN Just two girls heading home from school. I look overjoyed at the weekend. She looks pissed that I tore her away from the 1.3 million toys and all her buddies at preschool. And can we talk about her Donald Trump combover she’s got going on. 

EIGHT TINY peplum, TINY jeggings, and TINY moccasins. You’re welcome.

NINE You have some good drool there girlfriend. And yes, those are seahorses and crabs on her pants. 

The rest of the month will be pretty busy my friends so I don’t know how often I’ll be posting. It might be a good time to take a mini-break, but we will see. But to be sure you don’t miss this pudding’s face too much, be sure to follow us along on Instagram.