Substance and Soul


LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

Eating: truffle salami from Trader Joe's (with lots of cheese). 
Drinking: red wine and more red wine.
Making: two beds every day, one big and one small. 
Cooking: Blue Apron meals, it's teaching me to cook and I love it. 
Reading: (re-reading) The Harry Potter series and Pride and Prejudice
Wanting: to find the perfect Christmas present for Paul, I stink at it most of the time.
Watching: Golden Girls reruns.
Loving: Emma's loud giggles when I make funny faces.
Needing: some perspective.
Smelling: cinnamon whisks throughout my home. 
Enjoying: those quiet moments after Emma goes to sleep and Paul and I can spend time together. 
Wearing: cozy socks in the evenings. I hope it feels more and more like Fall come November. 
Noticing: Emma's imaginative play and babbling all the live long day. 
Appreciating: lotion, chapstick, and every other moisturizer during this dry season.
Hoping: I find a good associate position, one that fits my family's needs and does good.
Feeling: comforted by community.