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Toddler speak

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

Is there anything more precious than the broken exclamations of an excited toddler? I might argue that a strong case can be made for the toothy grins and loud giggles of that same toddler. However, toddler speak has quickly become one of my favorite parts of motherhood so far. Sure, slobbery kisses and hand holding are more than precious, but there is something completely fascinating about toddler language. It's entertaining, it's confusing, it's hilarious, it's strange, it's perfect. Every other day, a new word springs forth from her mouth. Well, word-like facsimiles. They are some combination of consonant and vowel sounds in addition to pointing and gesturing, which usually direct us to her meaning. At this point she says certain words clearly and with gusto but most words are close to articulate, just not quite. There are a handful of "words" that only Paul and I understand and a few that no one understands but she. Toddler speak has become a highlight of my day and equally so, a constant source of bewilderment.

pane = airplane
beh = bird
daw = dog
bawk = block
sssss = shhhh
bahh-bble = bubble
bah = bath
wa-wa = water
buh = book
meh-ma = Emma
mama = mama (that's easy)
dada = dada, also means look! and play!
yish (with hands held out) = please or I want
na = banana
uh-oh = uh-oh, also means something fell down, my shoe fell off, something is wrong, etc
mo = more
da! = Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
sahh = socks
no = no
no-no-no-no-no-no = bigger no
To name a few.

Toddler speak, the makings of a really good day.