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Emma at 18 months

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

Emma turned 18 months this week. Pause for dramatic effect.

Gone are the days of tiny baby squirms, toothless grins, and marathon cuddle sessions. We have a toddler on our hands folks - a full-blown, mind of her own, little lady with likes, dislikes, and a personality which seems extra large for her tiny person. These days the stand-by nicknames are Ems, little lady, big girl, pumpkin, and little chicka. Although, she's just Emma to me most days. She is an avid climber and can usually be found scaling every piece of furniture in our house. She is not one to mosey slowly, but runs to every destination so that the echoing pitter patter of her little feet can be heard from every room. She loves to play pretend by feeding and rocking her baby dolls, wrapping them in blankets, and shh-ing them to sleep. She also loves to "cook" and "eat" and always offers to share whatever is on her spoon. Fruit is her favorite food followed closely by anything in the carb family. When she is done eating, she lets us know by throwing her utensil and pushing her plate away (we never know when it's coming).

During her 18-month check up today, we found out she checks in at 25 lbs and 32.75 inches, hanging out around the 80th percentile in height and weight. Her fine and gross motor skills are exceptional. 10 teeth are sitting comfortably in her mouth and she demands to have her teeth brushed at least twice per day. She has fine, wavy hair which is easily tangled and never tame. She comfortably holds her crayons and markers and always wants to create a masterpiece for us. Her legs are strong and she already exhibits great rhythm (whew). She dances nearly every day and prefers to hold our hands so we can dance together. Quiet time is for books and songs and she requires Goodnight Moon and Five Little Monkeys before sleeping every night. She can be counted on for one long nap every day and a solid 10-11 hours of sleep each night. Her favorite comfort item is a brown stuffed bear followed by a pink stuffed bunny. She does not suck her thumb or a pacifier and is completely off the bottle. 

She is special. She is affectionate and sweet, with a laugh that lifts my entire soul. She is independent but still looks around to make sure our smiling faces are still somewhere nearby. She is saying more words and always manages to let us know what she is thinking. Just these past few weeks has she been saying mama in the clearest and most precious way. She always says it at least three times in a row and wants to be with me when she is tired or sad. Her daddy, however is her favorite play thing. They wrestle, run, play ball, and have the best back-and-forth laughing contests known to man.

18 months old. One and a half years. She has changed our lives. Parenthood is the sweetest gift. I never knew love could be so powerful and strong.

This is Emma and she is wonderful.