Substance and Soul


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Oh how I just love when Halloween falls on a weekend. (Not that weekends mean much to Emma and myself, but we get to have Paul home all to ourselves and we love it. Moving along.) Our weekend started Friday morning with a trip to the pediatrician for Emma's 18 month check-up. We found a new doc for Emma here in Alameda and we loved it. We did not feel rushed, the doctor took her time answering all our questions and it was much more my speed compared to the rushed appointments in SF (we did love our SF pediatrician but the appointments always felt too short). Emma was brave for her vaccinations and bounced back quickly. Although, she did send me that look of betrayal through the tears. After her nap, we took a dip in the kiddie pool (nearly 80 degrees, whaaaat) and she did some hilarious dances. She shakes her groove thing with the best of 'em.

My friend from Dental School invited us to a costume parade and merchant trick-or-treating Saturday morning. Emma enjoyed trick-or-treating more than I could have imagined, she was very in to it and amassed quite a pile of goodies. She did not even care about eating it, she just wanted to fill her pumpkin. Her costume was super creative on my part - unicorn. Basically I had some tulle and a unicorn hat and voila, a costume was born. I was a tooth fairy. Last year I set the costume bar pretty high, so it's a long way down from the top. Oh well

Love from, Frida Kahlo and the Emmacorn

On Saturday evening, we trick-or-treated again with our neighbors and their little girl. These ladies had some more fun collecting candy and ended the night with sticky faces and bright eyes. We all threw the rules out the window and enjoyed dinner and wine after the festivities and the girls ran around fighting sleep and playing together. Side note: we are so blessed to have wonderful neighbors who enjoy many playdates with us.

On Sunday, we celebrated All Saint's Day at church. It was also a family mass at our parish and many of the children dressed up at different Saints. Emma wore her Sunday best and only had two loud shrieks during mass. Paul is so wonderful to corral Emma during her pew hopping and hymnal throwing so I can sing in the choir. It means so much to me that we can attend church together on Sundays. Now that I am a mother, I have new appreciation and joy from watching the children flock to the alter during these types of services. The priest gave a great homily that they could understand and asked many questions of the children. Many of the kids sang in the choir with us and I only cry a zillion times when I hear those little voices sing. To sing in His name is a wonderful gift and to see these kiddos getting so excited about the Saints and the Word of the Lord is a true blessing to witness. 


We ended the weekend with a family dinner and a quiet evening on our deck as we watched the rain clouds come in. I admired a little girl with a head of beautiful curls as she pointed out every bird and plane in the sky. This was a weekend for the books (even with the time change that threw off Emma's delicate sleep schedule). Christmas music is already filling our home and I am not one bit ashamed to admit it. 

And today, on All Souls' Day pray for your dearly departed and all those in purgatory. 

Now off to enjoy the last minutes of precious nap time. I may or may not be eating the fruits of Emma's trick-or-treating labors as I type. Happy Monday.