Quiet morning musings

Quiet mornings. Sounds like an oxymoron around here, huh? From the second we wake up, it’s go, go, go. Even while I am on maternity leave and don’t have to “be anywhere”, it’s still breakfast chaos, making lunches, getting dressed, diapers, buckets of hair detangler spray, and hustling the family out the door. But sometimes, miraculously, it is quiet. The baby is sleeping soundly on my chest, the big kids are still curled up in their beds, and the crisp December air permeates the house. I sneak into the kitchen, make a latte, and marvel at the silence. I soak it in.


I can hear myself think. I can drink my coffee while it’s still hot. I get to have a moment to myself.

But you know what? Quiet mornings make me think about how much I appreciate my crazy, loud, chaotic mornings. As much as I enjoy a quiet moment to myself, I love that I have this family in my home that makes it loud and crazy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the messes and the laundry and the to-do list and I get lost in the trees. I am impatient and angry and temperamental.

But in those moments between the bustle — in that quiet morning — I realize that with the chaos comes the beauty. The beauty of that overflowing love and life-giving magic of family. And while I’ll never say no to a quiet morning. Or even a whole day. I am grateful for this incredible life, complete with its hardships and heart ache and overwhelming love and uncontrollable laughter. All of the above. Sometimes it takes a hot latte by the Christmas tree to remind you of the most important gift of all.