Ten things I've learned about my toddler

While I am by no means an expert in motherhood (always learnin'), I have observed a few things about toddlers in my time as a mother, more specifically, my toddler. Emma turns 20 months old this month and here are ten things I've learned so far.

My toddler...

Never forgets
Remember that one time I let her walk around Trader Joe's outside the cart on a random Tuesday morning where there were only a few shoppers? Well she does. And now she must walk around at each trip, including the dreaded post-church Sunday rush to Trader Joe's when people play bumper carts and glare at the wandering toddler when she pulls things off the shelves.

Imitates everything we do
I sometimes forget that her little eyes follow me every where we go. I am amazed at some of the things she tries to do once she sees her mom or dad do them. Currently she likes to get ready with me and "puts on" face moisturizer and "swipes on" mascara. It's adorable. 

Will bite your fingers if you don't remove them fast enough
I will be feeding her a little of this or that and I've had a few chomps on my fingers that really hurt. I must remember to move faster.

Is hilarious
This girl cracks me up. I've been known to roll on the floor laughing after something she does. I know she enjoys watching us laugh and continues doing whatever it was that makes us laugh. The hard part is when she does something she shouldn't do but it's still funny so we have to stifle our laugher so she doesn't keep doing it. 

Will do the exact opposite of what is asked
If I want her to stop climbing on the chair, I better not ask her to stop climbing on the chair. The second I tell her "no" she will continue doing the forbidden activity until something else distracts her. Oy vey.

Will eventually fall asleep
She sometimes fights her nap, fights bed time, fights her own bed - but she eventually falls asleep after she's tired herself out from screaming and that hope is the only thing that gets me through it. 

Loves being outside
Emma loves to go outside. She loves her walks and the park. But she also just loves getting out of the house, even if that only means going to Panera for a lunch date. This girl likes her change of scenery. 

Is a shadow
This girl just wants her mama. She wants to cook with me, she wants to hang on to my legs, she wants to be in the room with me while I work out, she is my little shadow. Sometimes I crave some alone time, but for now, I will just have to let her tag along. 

Is her own person
Even with the imitating and the shadowing, she is still her own little person. She is an observer, she is independent, and she is nurturing. She has her own personality and I love watching it develop.

Is the sweetest
She is a sweet heart. Her hugs melt me, her smiles light up the room, her tiny voice fills my heart with joy. 

This is what I know. But I'm sure this entire list will change by tomorrow. ;]