Around here

Call it adulthood, call it parenthood, call it dental studenthood, call it tiredhood - but I cannot even tell you how much I look forward to the weekend. Monday blues bring on a whole other meaning when your precious weekend slips through your fingertips yet again.

This was one of those textbook, perfect weekends around here. We relaxed, we played, we erranded, we laughed, we ate (and ate some more) and general merriment and frivolity ensued.

And a blogger's gonna blog.

The fun all started on Friday afternoon when I picked Emma up from daycare. She screeched in her booming toddler voice and pointed at some rather large leafage. This particular leaf caught her hoarding eyes and suddenly I can picture her squirreling away various outdoor goodies under our couch.

Emma, Grace, and I practiced our selfie game before we headed to dinner. Emma badger was not amused. But we were very amused by this face she was making, so she's just going to have to continue rolling her eyes on her own time. I have never been more certain that Emma and I share genetic material.

We went to dinner at this little rooftop/garden/café place. Their outdoor seating is next to their herb garden and they have a bocce ball play area which attracted the eyes of the big kids (our husbands) faster than you can say fetch.

I dove head first into my steak and didn't come up for air until it was all gone. I wish that I were exaggerating.

We played bocce ball for a while and we had an epic girls vs. boys battle. Emma was the referee. And the ball girl. And the live entertainment.

I am still astounded that the ball never went inside her mouth, because um, her track record was working against her. It was a chilly, windy evening, but I'll take any excuse for Emma to don her eskimo jacket. Hello cheeky showcase!

CHEEKS! C H E E K S! GIVE ME ALL THE CHEEKS. Okay, calm down Samantha. You'll scare the natives.

On Saturday, Paul took Emma out of the house for some much-needed mommy alone time. Every once in a while, I need some peace and quiet even if it is just to shower in silence and read a book in peace. Praise the Lord for daddy-daughter bonding time.

After her busy morning out and about and her afternoon playtime, she decided to take a little siesta right in the middle of her toy pile. Comfortable? I'm not sure. But she seemed to think so.

Going... going... gone. Any time and any where, her mom be like JEALOUS.

After sitting on my ever growing bottom half all day, I decided to take a much needed walk around the block. After dinner we bundled the gremlin up and took a stroll around our neighborhood. It was one of those golden hours with the beautiful sun setting and the bay breeze wafting through the trees. Emma sipped on some of that domestic milk and took a little snooze with her new favorite teddy bear.

Also known as a tennis ball. Cuddly isn't it?

Sunday morning was for errands! Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Target, Costco, and Trader Joe's we go. We usually try to plan errand running for nap time, but she perked up just in time to walk around Costco like she owned the place. When she tried ordering an extra churro and another hotdog, we had to put our feet down by putting her feet up.


It's really hard to be a baby.

Sunday evening, Grace and Brian game over for some dinner eating, basketball watching, Cards Against Humanity playing, and (according to never-boring Wetterholm) recycling.

However, Emma thinks recycling should include candy, unopened lotion bottles, baby books, and tv remotes. So there's that.

And we took a turn at expanding Emma's vocabulary with how shall we say, creative word usage in a riveting game of Cards Against Humanity. Somehow Emma managed to win three rounds. I don't even know how that happened.

She really understood the premise of the game. Hand one of your cards to the judge and pick a new card. I don't even think Paul understood the rules the first few times we played. (Hehe, I love you honey.)

Well, there you have it, tales of our weekend warrioring. I know, it completely filled the hole in your heart. You're welcome.

P.S. Graduation is on Thursday! Holy pumpkins!