First of all, it's National Doughnut Day. They might as well say Happy Samantha Day. You better believe I will be stuff my face with the good stuff sometime today.

How was your week kittens? Mine was full of the ups and downs. I've got those melancholies. I've got those bittersweet blues. And suddenly I sound like an 80's country singer.

I am getting rather excited about a little thing called GRADUATION next week. But it is bittersweet because I have to say so long, farewell to some of my friends for a while and that makes me all twisted (<-- gag). I also know that I have to come back in the summer to finish up clinical work because, hey, I had a baby. Oh bother.

This week Emma cut her fourth tooth, or as I like to call it, ALKDLAJF;DKF;AJKDEATHHHH. *end dramatization* Sure teeth are my thang, but they are no fun when they are popping through the gums like sadistic little gophers. 

Wow, I'm all about the imagery today. 

Any who, on to this week's project 52 portrait!

The Emma badger has been on a rampage lately. If you read her take over yesterday, you'll know that she has made it her life's mission to become a human tornado. I tried to deny it, but it's looking less and less like a phase and more like our home's new state of reality. Send doughnuts. And valium.

Even with the walking, babbling, destructor named Emma, home life has been oh so sweet, especially this last week. Emma is all about the hugs and the waves and has been saying "momma" a lot more. (Side note: I thought she had completely forgotten how to say "momma" because she hasn't said it for weeks and has been all about the dada-this and dada-that. Oh, do you smell that jealousy?)

She is really becoming her own little person with her own little quirks. I am marveling at this tiny human before me. I was looking through photos from the past year and it is amazing to me how much she's grown and changed in this time. Whew, is it dusty in here?

Happy weekending!