Emma's Log

Oh haaaaaaay, Emma here. I have decided to take over her blog today. Remember when I did this last time? Oh yes, that was a hoot. But now I am like thirteen months old, so I have gained a lot more wisdom since I was four months old.

I have been having some serious troubles lately and the man has kept me down. All I want to do is pull everything out of their drawers and off of their shelves, but for SOME REASON that is frowned upon in THIS ESTABLISHMENT. Mom's all, "please stop causing mayhem" and Dad's all, "can you stop that now?" 

Emma badger don't care.

They end up putting me in prison on occasion. One day I will be able to climb over that wall. One day...

So let me tell you a little something about teething... it sucks. Well I have a few other choice four-letter words but I'm not supposed to know those really. I am having terrible trouble with communicating my displeasure with their sudden appearances so instead I wake up at 3 am and scream bloody murder. It gets the same point across I think. 

Don't tell the guardians, but I have also figured out something key to my future happiness. They are called temper tantrums. Yup, that's right. I have caught on to this phenomenon where I sit down and start crying and miraculously, I get what I want. Well most of the time. Sometimes they figure me out, but I'm working on subtlety. 

Players gonna play.

If I could stay in all night, I would. 

Can I just say how much I love baths? They are like my jam. I have always loved them, but lately they have been just heavenly. I use that time to think, organize my toys, splash mom in the face, and turn the faucet on and off. It's just the best.

But like so many things, the fun ends and they make me get out. What the heck?


So on the activity front, I have many and varied interests. I just looooove reading books. They also make great step stools. I think I'll use them to get high enough to climb over the prison fence.... But anyway... I constantly try to bring my whole collection with me everywhere I go, but they keep telling me to choose only a couple at a time. Keeping me down! 

If I just manage to shove them all into my backpack, maybe they'll let me bring them with us. I mean, don't I need twelve books while we go to Trader Joe's? Obviously.

So close...

My birthday party was pretty awesome. There were like a million people there smothering me with ooos and ahhhs and it was a little overwhelming. But it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

School is one of my favorite places. We get to play, paint, and hang out all day. I have my special homies at school and I'm one of the cool kids because, you know, I can walk. Those little non-mobiles are just so cute. Suckers.

I am going to need another vacation soon. I really want to go to Disneyland, but Dad is all like, "you're going to turn out obsessed like your mother." So what Dad? SO WHAT? I need to see where Minnie Mouse lives, obviously. 

Another one of our masterpieces. Oh good times. 

Well like always, this was a pleasure. Mom is probably wondering where I've gone. Now she knows how I feel when I stand outside the bathroom door pounding on it while she needs privacy. Sure mom, whatever you need to tell yourself.

I think I'll take a nap. Or contemplate the universe.

Emma out.