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Let’s talk…

…about cribs and a certain baby who does not really enjoy sleeping in them. This baby to be exact. Yup, the one you see above with those wide eyes, beautiful smile, and a grip on Minnie stronger than those alligators in Florida. We started our sleep training commitment about two weeks ago. We bought her a new mattress and soft sheets. We shush, we pat, we sing, and we wait. So far, she’s screamed, I’ve cried, he’s ripped some hair out, and we’ve all slept a little less.

We tried making her sleep in the crib all night, but that does not seem to be working for us right now. At this point, we are trying to encourage her to fall asleep in the crib and at some point in the middle of the night, when she’s inconsolable, we will pull her into bed with us. But, even though our long-term goal is having her sleep in her crib all night, we are okay with this arrangement for now. Our twilight snuggles, her soft coos, and knowing she’s happy have made it all worth it. I came to the realization this week that one day she will sleep completely on her own, but today is not that day.