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Cirque du Soleil presents…

Speaking of Emma. Oh you weren’t speaking of her? Well, come join me over here. This girl is the chunkiest chunk who ever did chunk. I mean, check out those thunder thighs. That drumstick would go great with some mashed potatoes. Wait? What were we talking about again?

Lately, the past month or two or so, she has been taking to baby contortionism while drinking her bottle. This particular nosh was rather interesting. While her baby yogi moves are always on the impressive side, on Sunday she really took it up a notch while we were spending time with friends. She took claim of her pillows, wrapped herself up in her muslin blankie, and told that bottle who was boss. At one point she was on all fours with her bottle still in her mouth, her face smushed into the floor, and somehow she was still managing to suck.

Just another extraordinarily ordinary moment at the Substance and Soul headquarters.

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