Life 365 | Week 13

Whew! We had quite the busy weekend! I’m exhausted and swollen and glad to be home, but it was a very special weekend indeed. Currently, I’m staring at a pile of baby clothes and baby gear that I need to sort through. Good thing I’m on maternity leave. 

24 :: So I wonder if I will ever get sick of cookies. I’ve been eating them pretty much every single day of this third trimester. 

25 :: I started my non-stress tests last week. We were just checking in on baby girl. She is still looking healthy, so I’m very happy. 

26 :: Trader Joe’s carrot cake. Holy crap, where has this been all my life??

27 :: Big belly is not amused. 

28 :: We went to one of our favorite pizza/brewery places on Friday night. I LOVE getting to spend time with my family. Next time, we will have a little baby with us too!

29 :: My hometown baby shower was on Saturday and it was absolutely perfect. Cassie {my best friend from high school} and Katie and Allisun {my college roommates} came and it was just incredible to see them. 

30 :: So this is just some of the stuff that we unloaded from our car when we got back to SF yesterday. This baby made out like a bandit. 

This week, I will be doing baby laundry, organizing the changing table and dresser/shelves, and getting the hospital bags packed. We are almost there!