Life 365 | Week 19

We survived another week everyone! Baby Emma sure keeps us on our toes. I’m not going to lie, it’s tough. I’ve cried a lot. I’m tired all the time. I’m constantly worrying about her - Is she fed? Is she wet? Can she breathe? Is she warm enough? Et cetera. et cetera.

But when I am able to look into her beautiful face, I am overcome with a sense of calm and determination. I have enjoyed capturing her cuteness {PERFECTION} from moment to moment. She makes me indescribably happy. Here are last week’s Life 365 photos.

5 :: This girl has got some length to her. My mom is convinced she’ll be at least 5'10".

6 :: Cheeks on cheeks on cheeks on cheeks.

7 :: Paul captured this photo of Emma and me sleeping together on his belly. I don’t know how Emma slept with me snoring in her ear.

8 :: This is my sleep-deprived-yet-extremely-happy-and-in-love face.

9 :: The weather has been gorgeous and we’ve enjoyed getting out of the house for walks.

10 :: My dad came to visit this weekend and Emma finally got to me her Lolo.

11 :: This face. OHMYGOSHSOCUTE.

Paul went back to work today. Wish us luck. I’ll send out a smoke signal if we need help.