Life 365 | Week 22

It’s just another manic Monday.

Hi all! I am particularly sleepy this morning! Emma has been sleeping half good….if that makes any sense. Basically, every other feeding she goes down to sleep easily and between the other feedings she wants to play and whine and scream. Oy vey.

Saturday, Paul and Brian had a fun golf day so Grace and I hung out at my apartment and had a movie marathon. Then, we all had yummy mojitos and then went out to dinner for sushi, yum! It was so nice to have my big bowl of raw fish hehe. Thanks Grace for holding Emma so I could eat with both hands!

Here are last week’s photos. 

TWENTY-SIX Apparently she’s part lizard.

TWENTY-SEVEN Contrary to what this face may say, she really does love the car seat.

TWENTY-EIGHT YAY! We finally found a solution. She loves the Ergo baby carrier. Now mommy can use both hands. 

TWENTY-NINE She doesn’t like to be put down, but when she’s already pretty milk-drunk she doesn’t mind too much. Hello, kangaroo arms

THIRTY These two melt my heart. GAHHSOCUTE.

THIRTY-ONE She is officially smiling now! It is so freaking precious. I DIE. She keeps us all entertained. 

FIRST Emma doesn’t always appreciate my photo sessions, nor the cute outfits I force her to wear. Sorry girlfriend, momma’s gotta do it.

I have my postpartum visit tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get the health all-clear to resume normal life.