Life 365 | Week 29

Just when I feel that I am getting the hang of the whole not being on maternity leave anymore thing, Emma does something especially wonderful/adorable and I never want to leave her. She has been so vibrant this week! She is becoming her own little person. I think she is also going through another growth spurt because she’s been ravenous lately. 

This week and next, I am on my oral surgery rotation. This will include a whole lotta teeth extractions. Yippie. 

So remember how I told you of my horrible news?? (My iPhone camera broke) I thought that I could make it without it and it has been torture. You don’t realize how much you enjoy immediate access to photo taking. Because Emma has been so stinking cute lately, I want to be able to take all the pictures I want to without having to borrow someone else’s phone. I am just going to fork over the insurance money for a replacement. 

Yesterday, I had a major freakout about not having many clothes that fit me anymore. My fit included yelling, crying, ripping things from my closet, and throwing them on the floor. Yup, I’m a child. Move over Emma. My body is stuck in a flabby state due to my breastfeeding fat stores (mumble mumble, breastfeeding). My old clothes “fit” close enough. And by fit, I mean they all go on just not necessarily button or zip. Thankfully, Paul was level-headed and took me to downtown to go shopping. My post-baby body appreciates these new items. 

Here are last week’s photos. 

FOURTEEN This girl is constantly turning over to her belly. Then she screams about being on her belly. Um, high maintenance much? 

FIFTEEN Does this remind anyone else of a Marc Jacobs ad?

SIXTEEN This. Smile. She’s all, “Oh hey, yes I’m cute. Now buy me stuff.”

SEVENTEEN Even her grumpy-sleepy face is cute. GAAAHH.

EIGHTEEN She’s getting ready for try-outs. Quick step!

NINETEEN Here is how it goes. 1. Place headband on baby. 2. Baby keeps turning head wondering what the heck is on her head. 3. Begins to cry. 4. Remove headband. 5. Stops crying. Interesting…

TWENTY “Guys, this mobile is blowing my mind." 

Wednesday is our third wedding anniversary and Sunday is my 25th birthday. WOAH.

Have a wonderful week my friends!