Life 365 | Week 36

Happy Monday ya’ll. I will probably be pretty MIA the next few weeks because I started my externship. Basically, I’m out of the dental school and in an Oakland community clinic doing some good ol’ Dentistry. Today was my first day and it was wonderful. It was fast-paced and I had an assistant, baller!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know I will - elbow deep in some mouths. ;]

ONE Tahoe selfie! She’s so stinkin’ cute.

TWO Look at this puddin’. LOOK AT HER. Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll calm down. But seriously, she’s precious.

THREE I feel like she’s judging me. Like, “Ma, seriously? You want me to go to bed quietly? You are so silly woman.”

FOUR “Yo, yo, yo babies, my record is about to drop on Full Diaper records. Get it Tuesday son.

FIVE Oh yeah. A good old fashioned old fashioned on a Friday night. Side note: there were two other families with their babies in this pub with us. I guess we all had a similar mindset going on.

SIX Just a guy and a gal with their tennis. Emma had money on Djokovic and was quite disappointed.

SEVEN PILLOW FORT! No moms allowed.

Have a great week everyone!