Life 365 | Weeks 17 & 18

I’m a week behind on my Life 365 photos due to a very special reason. Our little girl was born last Monday, yay! This has been an incredibly amazing but also rough experience. We survived the first week with no limbs lost…just minds.

Get ready to see a lot of baby cuteness. 

21 :: I was trying any and all natural induction techniques. Paul went out and got me fresh pineapple. It was really yummy, but we would still be a week away from delivery.

22 :: 40 weeks! Due date! 

23 :: Doing some last minute baby reading.

24 :: Emma wanted to play cards too. 

25 :: I made some yummy puppy chow. What else do I do when I want to kill time?

26 :: Paul was trying to cheer me up. He’s a silly goose. 

27 :: We finally made it to the hospital! Look at that excited face!

28 :: Our precious, perfect little one was born at 7:22 am! 

29 :: GAHH, these two are my favorites. 

30 :: So, they let us just take home a tiny human from the hospital. Say what??

1 :: Heading to her first doctor’s appointment. Hi cone head.

2 :: First sponge bath at home. She actually really liked it. Like momma, like daughter. 

3 :: I tried out my Moby wrap. Hashtag babywearing! {Don’t mind the humongous bags under my eyes} 

4 :: I could spread her on a cracker.

This motherhood thing is crazy ya’ll.