My first attempt at no-knead bread

I do not consider myself a chef. I don’t have much intuition when it comes to cooking. I can, however, follow a recipe for the most part. That’s why I love baking. Everything is measured and mixed precisely and voila, you get cupcakes. I’m mostly a batter kind of girl — think banana bread, cake from a box, Swedish pancakes, and the like. But dough, involving yeast, GASP, not really my strong suit.

I’ve always been intimidated by yeast, I have no idea why. But I am a huge fan of yeast-containing things. I mean who doesn’t love freshly baked bread or cinnamon rolls or garlic knots…and now my mouth is watering.

But I have seen recipes about no-knead bread floating around the interwebs for some time. I even requested a dutch oven for Christmas one year in the hopes of making bread in it. Well, I’ve had my Le Creuset for three years now and I have finally attempted no-knead bread.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’ve done anything special. I haven’t adapted a recipe to make it my own nor have I any insights or tips. BUT, like I mentioned, I can follow instructions in a recipe and that’s just what I did and here is how it turned out.

Also, I love bread more than most other entities on planet earth. My family, friends, and ice cream are at the top of the list, but bread is definitely a true and pure love of mine.

After a quick Pinterest search, this is the recipe that popped up and the one I settled on. Most of the ones I saw are variations of this recipe, but I went with uncomplicated.

Basically, you mix the stuff, set it aside, then bake it the next day. It looked strange at first but came together deliciously. See below. Prepare for your mouth to water.

Right after mixing and covering | POOF, fluffy after rising overnight

bread 3.jpeg

It called for a well-floured surface, hope that was enough.

bread 4.jpeg

Made a ball and placed it on parchment paper. Okay, I’m seeing its breadiness now.

Plopped it in the pre-heated dutch oven, covered, then baked. Then uncovered and baked some more until toasty goodness emerged.

Guys. GUYS. Guys.


Look at dem bubbles. LOOK AT THEM.

bread 12.jpeg

Spread gratuitous amounts of butter, slap some jam on there too, why not. Serve with a side of human tears because so delicious.

And lest you mistakingly think I’m all glamorous and posh and drink tea with my pinky out — here is me stuffing my face with the aforementioned delicious carbs of love. Oh wait, my pinky is out. Never mind, I’m so dignified.

Overall, it was a delicious and pleasant surprise that I managed to do it. I was skeptical because yeast, but it was wonderful. The crust was crusty, the middle was fluffy and I will definitely be making this again. Probably this weekend. One for me. One for the rest of the family.