Wellness reminders

I don't know about you, but I can often get a little frazzled.

Shocking, I know.

I decided to do a little post-a-loo on a few things that help me stay grounded when life gets cray cray. There is no real method to my madness, and often times I'm too far down path de crazy to utilize my own advice, but I thought I'd write it down to remind myself for when things are tough. (And to hopefully help you too.)

Find home base.

Where ever your starting line, your home base, your reset button lies - find it and utilize it. For me, that means straightening up my home and my personal space, decluttering, and cleaning. This helps me in two ways - my mind clears when I declutter and I can rest in my home base and reset myself. Find your own home base. For some that may be a quiet room, for others, it is a refreshing shower. Just find your space - in the literal and figurative sense - to rest and reset. 

Know when to turn it off.

I have been really focusing on this one lately. Sometimes the TORRENT of information is quite literally, too much to handle. Between news stories, links on Facebook, and Twitter feeds - there is never a moment of peace. For me, I turn off my notifications, lay down my phone and say enough is enough. I listen to the hum of life around me and it clears my head. Plus, staying focused on being physically and mentally present for your loved ones is crucial for wellness at home.

Be easy on yourself.

This is probably one I struggle with most. I tend to spiral when things are stressful. At first it's about a singular event, then I focus on a string of events, and before I know it I am questioning every life choice I've ever made and wondering how I am even functioning. Forgive yourself. Trust your gut. And be kind to yourself. Write it down on those stickies and paste them everywhere (I mean they do come in packs of a zillion.) 


Guzzle those fluids yo. And I don't mean sugary juices, energy drinks, or soda. Grab that good old H TWO OH. Dehydration just drains your energy. And speaking of energy, keep healthy snacks nearby with healthy fats and proteins. I am never one to say no to a doughnut, but I also keep nuts and cheese close at hand for those afternoon slumps. I have a liter-sized water bottle in my purse and keep filling it up. DRINK ALL THE WATER. 

Stay fresh.

Keep it fresh, princes and princesses. Go outside and soak in that Vit D. Open the windows and let the breeze flow in. Listen to new music, open a fresh bottle of bubbly, buy yourself a new snazzy top. Just keep things interesting and changing. I know I get stuck in ruts of routine and the familiar, but keeping things fresh and moving challenge the mundane and hopefully, destress your life. New cheese selection at Trader Joe's? Don't mind if I do. New documentary on PBS? Why I would love to learn about architecture of wind-resistant buildings in China! Keep learning. Keep reading. Keep discovering.

What are your reminders for wellness in your life?