Sleep stuff on a Saturday

I hope you are up for a little whining on a Saturday morning (from me, not Emma). If not, feel free to click out or scroll to the bottom for some toddler thigh chub photos.

While I have said this on and off since Emma badger was born, we are attempting some sleep training. Well more like, encourage her to sleep in her own bed so I don't go crazy-ing. It's just time. We have been co-sleeping (controversial, I know, but let's just move on shall we?) for months and months and she is just getting too big now. It worked great while she was still nursing in the night. I loved the ease of it and her baby snuggles. But now, Paul and Emma sleep well in this arrangement and me, not so much. She tends to snuggle up really close to me and by the time my blurry eyes catch a glimpse of the morning light, she has essentially weaseled her way so close that half my body is dangling off the side of the bed. Not ideal. 

I bought this book and it has really opened my eyes to other techniques of sleep training (rather than just "cry it out" which kills my soul). And by George, we are going to try it. Currently, I am trying to get her napping well today so that she isn't over tired come bed time. 

Side note: It is strange and mind-boggling to me that when babies and toddlers get over tired, it makes it HARDER for them to fall asleep. When I am dead tired, I pass out. Her? Nope. She just wails and cries and tugs at my mother sucker heart strings.

Last night she cried for a solid hour and now I'm dead. 

Moving on. 

I have heard/read that toddlers on the brighter side (not bragging, just an observation) have a harder time quietening their minds when it's time to nap/go to bed. I can see those traits in Emma. Up until now, she really only naps in the car seat or stroller (motion of the ocean) and bed time is a battle of wills. 

Spoiler alert: she wins. 

I admire everyone who can commit to sleep training and just find a peaceful sleep pattern for their little ones. I don't care what method you use or your particular parenting philosophy, but if you can count on anything even remotely predictable in the sleep department, then send me your magic.

On a happier note, I was able to get her to nap in the bedroom just now with only a little fussing. The author says that a well rested toddler during the day makes for a better sleeper at night. (Who would've thought?)

Wish me luck as we attempt this new sleep situation. And send cookies. And valium.

"Woah, woah, woah," you may be thinking, "where are those photos you promised?"

Don't worry, I can never send you off without photos of my offspring.

Emma badger has just discovered the wonders of the slide and has almost got it figured out. By the way, PIGTAILS. Come on, just staaaahp.

Emma's new found obsession with shoes gives me all those warm and fuzzies. But it completely reminds me of this old YouTube video about shoes that I watched in college. I'm sorry for the reminder.

My dad, Paul, Emma, and I are going to a nice lunch today and I will be eating my feelings. 

Have a sleepy Saturday.