Emma is officially sixteen months today! WHATT. 

So I officially fell off the face of the blog earth, or so it feels. 

These past few days have been busy on these parts. I'm commuting (boo) to the city on my days in clinic and my dad got into town on Tuesday night (yay). 

But any who, I am just popping in to give you this week's portrait, so no long winded ramblings from me. But I also couldn't choose just one this week so here's a few of my favs. 

I'm boring today. 

This little lady has been loving my shoes lately. I am obsessed with her pigtails too. Good job at being cute there Ems, keep it up.

Due to the exceptionally warm climate lately (and the fact that Miss Emma enjoys playing on our new deck) I bought her this ADORABLE sun hat. It has all that SPF goodness.

Emma's Lolo is in heaven. Emma has a new slave. Win-win.

Happy weekending. Love, Boring Samantha