Our first weekend

On Saturday morning we went to Trader Joe's and I was thinking to myself, "LOOK AT ALL THE FAMILIES". 

The suburbs are my jam. 

Let's back up. We moved on Friday and this was our first weekend in our new place and it was a goodun. I mean, wow, the burbs are my people. 

Oh Lord, before you know it I'll be cruising down the street in my minivan with my window decal stick person family. Please, just put me down if that happens. The minivan has to have an honor roll sticker on the bumper too, obviously.

Here are some snippits, some tidbits, a little of this and that of our first weekend here.

Ask me how many coronaries I had while unpacking. A ZILLION, that's how many.

I slowly chipped away at the mountain of stuff and we are mostly settled in at this point. I set up Emma's play corner first and as soon as our bed was delivered, I fluffed those pillows up real nice. 

Down comforters are my love language. And check out those shams, mhmm. 

Moving on. 

Emma enjoyed the fluff too. 

On Sunday we enjoyed breakfast at a local bagel place (YES, OH YES) before heading to church. This may become our new Sunday tradition. More smear! 

Yeah... this was half number two and I devoured the rest of this in 0.2 seconds. This chive cream cheese is my other love language. Emma preferred Paul's bagel to mine, aww darn. ;]

After bagels, we walked to church and I am so happy at the community we found there. We sat behind this sweet family with two kids and the dad happened to be an administrator of the local high school. THE BURBS.

We walked by an adorable nursery and I know where I will be buying ALL THE SUCCULENTS. Hopefully I don't kill them with my brown thumb.

We capped off the weekend at a fantastic dinner at a local Italian place (walking distance, oh yeah). I enjoyed a basil and lime martini and we shared a bowl of garlic rolls. 

Guys, these rolls were my other other love language.

It was like roll ravioli (they were each slightly smaller than my palm). I thought, "nah, there is no way we can eat eight rolls AND our dinner". 

Oh, woah, oh. I was wrong. We ate 'em up. And two entrees. And my martini. 


I asked Emma if she'd share the stroller for the walk home, but she be like, "mom, thy gluttony be punished". 

Yesterday was my first commute into the city and I am still recovering. Whew. I needed a big glass of rosé. I'm okay now, thanks for asking. 

Traffic. Eye twitch. Ugh.

Good thing I came home to this one.

Here's to many more perfect weekends.