This week's portrait is coming to you a day and a half late because...wait for it...


My back hurts, my nails are broken, and my allergies have punched me in the sinuses and are holding my eyelids hostage, but we did it. WE DID IT!

Paul, Emma, and I awoke bright and early yesterday morning for the big move. We packed up a moving truck (DEATH, BROKEN BACKS, PAIN) and made our way over the bay to a little area called Alameda. I am still shocked that we made it with our sanity (mostly) intact.

We plopped in to bed last night and had one big sigh of relief. Thank the Lord.

Being the crazy organizational and obsessive individual (no shame, it's a blessing and a curse) that I am, I have spent all day today organizing and unpacking. We are finished for the most part beside everything in our little storage closet/attic of sorts. It's mostly filled with miscellaneous decorations, picture frames, outgrown baby stuff, holiday decor, and all our sporty gear. Now that I typed it all out, it does seem like a lot and now I will obsess over that room until it's completed.

I will do a whole apartment reveal when we are settled and our couch arrives (still a over a week until delivery, D;AFJA;DSLFK). 

I read on the interwebs that when moving with a toddler, you're supposed to pack the kid's stuff last and unpack the stuff first. Welp, who am I to go against all the wisdom of mom bloggers past? 

Under our living room window, we set up Emma's play corner. And it might be my favorite little place in the apartment. She's in toddler heaven.

Heaven is a place on foamy alphabets, Ems. 

For Mass tomorrow, we are going to a new to me parish. Yay! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekending. It's off to bed for us because I'm 26 going on 82. 

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- By Emma

Bye Emma.