She's a maniac

I am writing this with a twitch in my eye and sweat on my brow. Emma is a maniac. Well, she's pretty much your typical 16-month old and I can't keep up. 

Side note: you parents with multiple kiddos underfoot, you get all the praise and cookies.

I feel we are in the throws of a major developmental leap because she is absolutely wild. According to this amazing resource, she is in the throws of the three C's: crying, clinginess, and crankiness. 

Yup, just check all those off. And pour me another glass. (Drinking pinot right now.)

Because this is a lifestyle blog (emphasis on the word life) I'm going to keep it real with you. Things are hard right now. 

I am supposed to be finishing up school at this end of next week but I still have a mountain of paperwork and tasks to complete in the meantime. Emma has been incredibly challenging. She is quite literally my shadow. Actually, she is constantly trying to occupy the same physical space as me and clings to my legs, sleeps with her feet on my face, and pounds on the bathroom door. 

We are settling into our new place which I am excited about, of course, but schedules and routines are being adjusted and figured out. It's a work in progress. Plus the commute into the city has caused me to sprout 20 new grays. 

My little miss independent keeps me on my toes and we have discovered that she is a runner. Like, let me just run out into the street or face first off of the balcony.

Never scoff at the baby leash until you have a toddling toddler. Reserve all judgement, pleaseandthankyou.

But with all the insanity at headquarters, comes the truly amazing moments. Her language comprehension is off the charts and her affection is infectious. I could probably write an entire post dedicated to toddler hugs and kisses. 

She is wonderful. She is wild. She is exhausting. She is perfect. She drives me crazy. 


To save me from my own spiraling whining, tell me your motherhood wisdoms and/or stories of your own little ones.

Side note number two: Are crayons toxic? I'm asking for a friend.