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Willpower, thy name is Emma.

It's amazing how much information a tiny tot can relay with only a smattering of monosyllables to work with. While deciphering her yelps, squeals, and yells, I have to be proficient in toddlerese by now.

I also thought that I would have more self-restraint and willpower of my own in the parenthood department, but alas, I am one big sucker. 

But I digress.

It's Fridayyyyyyyyyy!

Today's post is sponsored by two of my true loves - Emma and ice cream. I don't know if I am more proud or terrified that she is drawn to ice cream as strongly as her dear mother. She went to TOWN on this ice cream cone of Paul's last night and I am glad that he is willing to share with her (because you'd have to pry that cone out of my dead hands if it were my after dinner treat).

By the way, I don't know if I have expressed my super original exclamation - can you believe that it is already September? I am having trouble with that concept. I'll let you know if I am any closer to getting a grip on reality in the coming weeks. 

OHMYGOSH. That just reminded me that I NEED to get on top of Halloween costume planning. That one is going to the top of the to do list my friends. 

Well I am pretty sure this was the most pointless post of all history and that's saying a lot because I've had some gems.

And I've probably lost every single one of you.

Happy Weekending!