Happiiiii FREEDOOO! (That's Happy Friday in crazy.)

Another week has flown by here at headquarters. I went back to school for my LAST QUARTER OF DENTAL SCHOOL EVER. In case you forgot, I am sticking around this summer even after graduation to make up clinical time that I missed while I was popping out Emma, trying to master the swaddle, and figure out that whole breastfeeding thing (AKA maternity leave of absence).

Emma has been a hoot and a half (<-- what am I, 76?) lately and her prime time is in the wee hours of the morning. I guess she is taking after her early bird momma. She doesn't just wake up and roll out of bed, she shoots up and is ready to take on the world 0.2 seconds after her eyelids pop open. We have also been putting her on the toilet in the morning to get her familiar with the porcelain throne (I am hoping it makes potty training easier in future). Too much information? Moving on. She then attempts to run around the apartment sans diaper coverage. I don't so much call them "accidents" as "on purposes". I swear, she pees on the floor just to see me react. 

Pssh, ya big bully. 

Emma loves to get ready for school, help me pack her food bag, and basically pushes us out the door. Seriously, she's starting to push the doors trying to open them. Thank God our door handles are just out of her reach otherwise Houdini Emma will be her new nickname.

Another exciting happening over at headquarters is that Paul received another promotion! Ya hoooo! Who could have accounted for that?

Chirp chirp. 

Get it? Accounted? He's an accountant. 

And moving on. 

But really, I am incredibly proud of him and all of his hard work. Only four short years ago he picked up his entire life to move with me to San Francisco for school but he has truly accomplished so much while we have been here. I am grateful for such a hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic, tough, and wonderful husband.

I hope you all have a super duper weekend!