The cure

...for cabin fever (also known as cabin plague, cabin cancer, cabin gangrene, cabin botulism, etc).

On Thursday, I started feeling a little throat tickle. A little scratch. A tiny flutter. On Friday morning I woke up and BOOM, full blown viral infection. I thoroughly blame the petri dish otherwise known as daycare and its happy hosts otherwise known as the babies. 

Even though I felt like my skin was about to fall off and the fever had me seeing tiny gremlins in the corner, we still had to entertain my permanent tornado as a house guest named Emma. She is highly susceptible to the disease known as cabin fever (also known as, see above).

Unless we would like to experience the wrath of Emma badger, we try our best to entertain her during non-daycare hours. Remember when weekends were relaxing? Nope, I definitely don't.

So between my congestion, headache-induced naps, and popping meds like tic tacs, we did what we could to shake off the cabin plague this weekend.

Paul was promoted at work last week and we celebrated on Friday evening at a little restaurant on the water near our apartment. We let the tornado walk around after dinner and we discovered this little pier tucked away on the bay. Emma watched the fishermen, I panicked at the thought of her slipping into the water through those wide open slats, Paul rolled his eyes - you know, normal stuff. 

And of course, I had to pose in front of said pier like the weirdo I am. 

The weirdest.

(Don't let the smile fool you, that head is full of phlegm.)

On Saturday morning, when I finally remembered how to put on my glasses and wasn't trapped under my pile of tissues we took a walk to downtown San Francisco and found this ADORABLE Children's Creativity Museum close to our place. It's amazing, I must have walked by this place 50 jillion times pre-Emma and never noticed. But once that whole motherhood brain takes effect, I spot kids having fun in a certain neighborhood and think, "Kids having fun. Must follow. Drool." 


They have an "under five" section with legos, blocks, puppets, art projects, things to climb, stuff to explore, and I'm in love. Under five? Pssh, all ages yo. Emma was in heaven and the cabin cancer was at bay. We walked home after dinner and I slithered into bed at the ripe old time of 8:15 pm. 

On Sunday morning, we took a little morning stroll in our PJs and enjoyed that morning sunshine to stave off that cabin gangrene once more. She is perfectly content walking around anywhere that is not inside. 

I am going to need to look in to toddler-friendly boredom buster activities that will fit our tiny apartment. But for now, I can release her into the wild...

...of the concrete jungle.

Thankfully, one of her absolute favorite times of day is bath time. That always saves us from a few of the more challenging moments leading up to her least favorite time of day, bed time.