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My sister is here yay and now I want to take ten million naps because Emma and my sister have a secret language and can entertain one another for evah.

Right now I am sitting on my bathroom floor with my coffee and chatting with you all because everyone else in my apartment is asleep and I am a freakazoid who wakes up at 5:30 every day just to make sure I have enough time to shellac my under eye bags with a little make up and have a caffeine jolt. 

(Run on sentences fo' life.)

Considering Emma is about to turn the big 1.0, I am surprisingly calm. And by calm, of course I mean sobbing into a pile of newborn clothing and trying to swaddle my not so little one while she flails and death stares me. So, clearly I've got it all together. Her birthday partaaaay is on Sunday and you betta believe I will be live-Instagraming that shindig. 

And now what was I saying? This week's 52 project photo. (Duh)

Miss cheeks-for-days has taken to carrying around purses, looking into purses, pulling things out of purses, eating purse handles, et cetera. I have relinquished my death grip on this particular tote and have "given" it to her to play with. Basically, I fill it up with her toys and books and other knicky-knackies and let her party. I tried putting her in the purse to carry her around but she loved that about as much as you'd expect (death stares abound). 

Any who, I will be busy this weekend hanging out with my sister and celebrating Emma's birthday party. Follow along on Instagram, you know you want to.

It's Friday, I'm in love.