30/52: Goodbye July

Wowwww. Woah. Wee. It's Friday! And the last day of July. I cannot believe how quickly July flew by (I know, I know, I always say that). But really, it seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye. This month is always full of fun things to celebrate and now that it's wrapping up, I am feeling a little more get down to business-y.

Not that I don't say it a million times per week, but I am finishing up school this quarter (due to my maternity leave of absence in my third year) and am looking ahead to the grand old job search.

Can you keep a secret? I am a little intimidated by it all. It is one of those big life moments filled with nervous excitement, intense melancholy, and utter elation. I have wanted to be a dentist since I was EIGHT years-old and now that my DDS is just over the horizon, it is a strange sensation. Everything I have worked towards academically is coming to fruition. WHAT? 

Okay, enough with that. I'm sure you'll hear me gush about 20 trillion more times before the quarter is over anyway.

On to this week's portrait. 

On Wednesday, Emma had her 15-month wellness visit (and vaccinations, poor thing) which was scheduled by her brilliant mom during nap time. And by brilliant, I mean dead stupid. So during a little afternoon drive to run some errands, she desperately needed a real nap. And at this point she had moved on to that loopy, completely overly exhausted tiredness that makes it nearly impossible to sleep. Again, stupidity on my part. 

Paul was driving and I was attempting to pull out all the tricks in the mommy handbook to get her to calm down long enough to let the car lull her to sleep.

Bottle? Nope. Tosses across the backseat.
Favorite book? Nada. Swats away with disgust. 
Lucky charms? Get away from me
iPhone? How dare you!? 
Pouch? Oh yes, let me snuggle with it

She finally fell asleep with her pouch in her mouth then snuggled with it like a teddy bear.


I hope you have a good weekend. Emma does too.