12 Weeks

Last week, my bump turned twelve weeks old. It's mostly bloat and ice cream at this point and the waist band of my pants still buttons. However it is quite uncomfortable and I find myself letting that top button take some time off.

I did a bumpity bump update with Emma so I am determined to do it again with this little bebe every four weeks or so. We had an ultrasound on Tuesday and little stretch-a-lot is doing well in there, all snuggled up and kicking my innards. While Emma was always so curled up that we could barely get images, this one has taken to lounging around in the fluids. The bebe is already perfecting his/her lounging position for when summer comes.

I am itching (literally and figuratively) for these first trimester symptoms to peace out. They hit me hard. Like punch me in the mouth/stomach/throat/eyeball hard. Like, yay you're knocked up! Now here are a truckload of unpleasant (HORRIBLE) symptoms that make you want to rip your hair out and crawl under the covers for LIFE.

I suppose I will never have an easy going first trimester. Oh well. Instead I'm stuck with these classic signs and symptoms.

Surprise, yay!
Sick already?
So tired.
Fell asleep standing up. Again.
I miss sushi.
Everything smells.
Food sucks.
But I want all the food.
Coffee, gag.
Bump?? No wait, just bloat.
Pass the cereal.
Was it like this last time?
Oh I remember this one.
Shall we nap?
Woah, weird dream.
Couch potato.
Gag. Gross. 
Joy. Purest joy.

Good times.

12/13 weeks
How far along: 12 weeks (photos) and 13 weeks now. 
Total weight gain: no weight gained and none lost either.
Maternity clothes: I pulled out all my maternity clothes from last time and I'm just wearing the t-shirts. Only because they are comfy. And I'm all about the leggings right now. 
Stretch marks: No new ones.
Sleep: Crazy weird dreams. W E I R D. 
Miss anything: Not throwing up every night. But hopefully that will be over soon.  
Movement: Nothing that I can feel but a ton in the ultrasounds.
Food cravings: Ice cream, water, anything pickled.
Aversions: Brushing my teeth is gag worthy and I cannot stand the smell of beer breath.
Sex: I have a strong feeling about this but I'm not telling yet.
Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, heartburn, headaches, tiny pimples in my hairline, crankiness, anxiety. 
Belly button: Still an innie.
Wedding rings: Still on and kind of loose.
Happy or moody: Pretty moody and cranky this time around. Maybe it's all the vomiting. 
Looking forward to: A lessening of first trimester symptoms and feeling flutters and movement.