It's Friday, can I get an AMEN?!

This has been one of those up and down weeks in life o' Wetterholm. Emma is sick, I am sick, Paul is sick of me complaining that I am sick, and we are out of butter.

(If you know my eating habits, you should know that last one is really killer.)

But on the plus side, because I like to keep that glass half-full, we celebrated Emma's birthday on Tuesday and Emma learned the word "Dog". She points to all things smallish and fluffyish and exclaims, "DOH!" (Pronounced dough.) 

This weekend we are planning to slow it now real nice and turtle speed like because we are still reeling from the inherit crazy show of birthday party and company. It's nice to slow it down every once in a while right? We are planning, NOTHING! 

Can I get another AMEN? And some wine.

This week's project 52 photo is coming at you from the restaurant where we celebrated the births of Mariah (24 y/o) and Emma (1 y/o). We ate and drank our weight in sushi/sashimi/nigiri/sake (the booze) and chicken (the Paul likes what the Paul likes). Emma managed to get most of her chicken con rice on the floor but a solid bunch wound its way into that tummy. Teriyaki chicken is the way to that gal's heart. She didn't like the spoonful of wasabi I put on her puff snacks, snob. (MOM, I did not put wasabi on her food.)

On a more serious note (run away if you must), Emma's doc told us to up her calorie intake in the tune of more protein and healthy fats. The mother hen in me freaked out and had twenty-two panic attacks about her weight chart plateau at her weigh in but Paul talked me off a ledge and we are in serious toddler meal-planning mode right now. How do you get your little one to sit and eat??! Tell me your secrets! 

This morning I get to sit in my four-hour lecture on practice management which will consist of a lawyer telling us how essential lawyers are to dental practices. Yes, I know he is right, but no I do not want to go to class this morning. It's a catch 22 really. Good thing my phone is charged. (Just kidding, obviously I pay attention in class a la Hermione.) 

Well, I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend ahead of you. You can find me in the butter aisle. (Seriously, it's a stage five crisis right now.)

Happy weekending!