A tale of the weekend

An alternative title to this post would be - someone get me some new sinuses - but I thought that would be a little self-serving. And you know, selfless Samantha is at your service. 

Paul, Emma, and I are all sick. It started a fewish days (feels like forever) ago with Emma. I'm convinced she picked something up from the viral incubator, otherwise known as daycare. I had to pick her up early on Friday afternoon following a call (desperate plea) from her teachers telling tales of woe due to Emma's inconsolable screaming. Super Samantha swooped in to have an afternoon with the walking snot fountain at home. 

Well doesn't she just look like a ball of sunshine?

We had planned a quiet weekend at home but our shopping list was getting longer than Dumbledore's beard so I definitely needed to do a Target and Trader Joe's run at some point.

Saturday morning Paul was feeling all kinds of awful so he needed some serious alone/recovery time sans screeching tiny human so off to errand-running we went. Deep breaths everyone.

How do you moms with multiple kittens do it? I was struggling with just the one. But any who... When parents are sick, all rules are out the window. It's a madhouse, MADHOUSE.

Between Target and TJ's, Emma and I stopped at In N Out where I am sure we got some horrified looks as she scarfed down one half of a cheeseburger without blinking. 

My glutinous alter ego was so proud. I think my devil horns should be coming in any day now... 

...Yup definitely growing in. 

I'll save you the train wreck that is Emma's chocolate and sprinkle covered face post this doughnut. Remember the whole no rules thing. I enjoyed a glazed and my elevated blood sugar made my pancreas heave a sigh of despair.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and family, Emma's toy corner has grown to Everest proportions. I clean, she tornadoes, I clean, she pounces. Typhoon Emma does not care.

Out trip to Target was in search of sippy cups. Yes, Emma must transition to sippy cups and she's having none of that. 

What's the baby sign language for L O L? 

She will literally throw the sippy cup across the room and the mother sucker that I am pours the milk back into her beloved bottle. MOMS, tell me your secrets for sippy cup transitions!!

Paul and I have also been trying our darnedest to get her to eat more solids (doc's orders) and while most of it makes its way on to our immaculate floor (J to the K), she has managed to try some more foods this weekend. 

She enjoyed a gourmet meal of eggs, avocado, and extra butter on Sunday morning. And God smiled. I wish we had a doggie shaped vacuum for the mess. But she did manage to feed herself with her spoon for the first time. Color me proud. Now if only she could change her own diapers and get herself dressed then we're talking.

Speaking of her toy corner, miss Emma is equally (if not more) happy to play with non-toy items in her new favorite play room, our kitchen. Because what doesn't scream fun like the knife block and finger-slamming cabinets? 

Typhoon Emma.

As the dreaded cabin fever began to set in, I desperately pleaded with Paul to take Emma outside for a walk while I did our laundry. Our apartment's laundry room looks out on our courtyard so thankfully, I had a lovely view of the tornado as she tormented the pigeons. From safely behind the wall of glass. 


Well clearly our weekend adventures are the stuff of great novels. Or you know, mediocre blogs. Carry on tiny dancer. 

She's so adorable when she's horizontal. 

How were your weekends warriors? Happy Mondayyyyy.