Substance and Soul


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Monday. Mondayyyy. Merndue. Mindow. Moandoi. 

Wait, what?

This last week was a whirlwind my friends. This was a much needed three-day weekend. Currently, I am watching the gremlin sleep on the couch. She's been teething hardcore and basically, I hate teeth. Don't tell anyone, because teeth are sort of my thaaang.

Any who... 

This week's 52 post is coming at you a wee bit late as I was trying to enjoy some good old fashioned down time this week after the emotional wreck ball state I was in last weekend (WREBs). Lately, Emma has been especially insistent that she try the things that Paul and I are eating and drinking. This week, Emma tried sparkling water. Yes that's right. *biggest eye roll ever

Paul loves drinking anything with bubbles, so it should come to no surprise that Emma enjoys it too. She was having another teething/general angsty fit and somehow sparkling water in her sippy cup was all that would calm her down. 

What's next Emma? Caviar with your morning bottle? 

Oy vey.