On life, lately

Just popping by the old blog to update you on what has been going on at headquarters this past week. 

That made me sound like a CEO. 

Let me try again... Just dropping in to say a quick howdy. 

And now I'm a cowboy. 

Moving on.

This has been quite the week over at headquarter. To give you a quick preview, I took my WREB dental license exam, we froze our butts off, and Emma threw up on me. 

Okay, now I know you're hooked. Where to begin... 

Emma has been making connections all over the place. She puts her shoes by her feet, places her hairbrush against her head, and tries to blow her nose with a tissue. She hasn't quite figured out everything yet, such as this microphone that is moonlighting as a hair brush. God speed baby Einstein.

I'd also like to introduce you to The Blur formerly known as Emma. Managing to take a non-blurry photo of Emma is becoming increasingly more challenging. We have been letting her roam our apartment's hallway to cure this cabin fever that settles in when the weather is cold. Yes, I know she is not a puppy baby, but she sure does love running after that tennis ball. 

On Sunday night, after a long weekend of my dental license exam, I took a glorious bath. I'm talking epsom salt, lavender essential oil, a good book, and a glass of wine.

That's right. My bath book rack has a wine glass holder. I know you're jealous. You're probably also jealous of my whale bath spout cover. We keep it classy at headquarters.

On Monday, we took a walk to our local Panera for some comfort food. I could basically swim in their broccoli cheddar soup. She also aided us in cleaning the table at Panera. I will take babies with odd enthusiasms for $100 Alex.

Like mother, like daughter. 

Spittin' image. 

Every morning at daycare, Emma hunts down her precious gems, also known as Mardi Gras beads. No matter where they end up at the end of the day, she will find them the next morning. 

On Tuesday night, Paul and I went to the Dodgers v. Giants game with our friend, Kyle. We absolutely froze our butts off but I still couldn't pass up a giant ice cream cone. What's wrong with me?

Even though our Dodgers lost, we still had a wonderful time. 

On Tuesday evening, we also welcomed our new nephew Justin into the world. Paul's younger brother Neal and his wife Ashley had their sweet baby boy. He's a heart breaker already. God is good. 

Wednesday morning, I received some fantastic news. I PASSED WREB!


Now all I need is my final transcript and I will be a licensed dentist. *HAPPY DANCE*

Grace and I celebrated with margaritas (plural) and fried chicken. It's the simple pleasures. 

Emma be like, "stop dancing mother, dear Lord almighty". It's my party and I'll dance if I want to.

Emma has also been developing a habit of trying to put her open mouth under the running bath spout. She proceeds to cough then laugh then do it again. 

The bath is her absolute favorite place in the world right now. But around 7 pm last night she started getting fussy and promptly went to bed until...

BAM, VOMIT. All. Over. Momma. in the middle of the night. She proceeded to vomit on and off for the next four hours and now we are sitting under a mountain of clean sheets and towels that I had to wash this morning. She has not vomited since about 4:30 am this morning but is still extra fussy. 

We are currently at home trying to kick this little stomach bug. She is especially needy and unhappy. Send food! 

Well that's life, lately over at headquarters. Momma needs some coffee.