Substance and Soul


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Allergies have got a hold of my sinuses and eyeballs and are destroying my will to live. Not to be dramatic or anything. That's not my style. I just want to scratch my tear ducts out. But no drama.

This has been a topsy turvy week at headquarters. Emma badger has got us twisted. But in a good way. Her spongy 13 month-old brain is hard at work. I don't mean mushy-spongy but soaking up everything-spongy. She has been making connections and imitating everything we do. Pretty soon she will be trying to pour herself a glass of wine and yelling at the dodgers a la her parents. On the flip side, she's been fussy, especially in the middle of the night. She has another tooth punching its way to the surface, she's going through a growth spurt, and has figured out time-tested tantrum throwing. Speaking of wine... 

It's been face-punching cold here in San Francisco the past week or so. And Emma's fruit fly-sized attention span make cabin fever look like a tropical vacation. So Mr. and Mrs. Desperate have taken to entertaining the human tornado by letting her walk around the hallway of our apartment. Apparently elevator entranceways are like magical mansion foyers so there's that.

Another one of those connections that is making me goofy-smile is her new attachment to the tennis racquet and the tennis balls. I am feeling all the tiger mom proudness and wondering how early prodigies can get on the court. Like 14 months? 

Right? Right.