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Mid week musings

LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

Why is "no" the universal toddler word for "please continue, no really"?
It's really time to take out the bathroom trash.
Daily talk show hosts can be incredibly annoying.
I would rather not have my hair pulled by a toddler at 6am in the morning.
Can you please tell your four-year-old on the playground not to try to pull my daughter's shoes off?
My eyebrows are out of control.
Ugh, my computer is almost out of space.
I could really use a new computer.
When will the new season of Bachelor start?
This is my 12th time vacuuming today. How? Just how, Emma?
Toddler curls are my kryptonite.
Please sleep in your own bed tonight Emma. PLEASE.
My goodness, I could really use an ice cream sundae right about now.
I am craving Italian food.

I appear to have a lot of time on my hands lately.