This is one

Night and day. Black and white. Apples and oranges. Fresh manicures and car keys. I have come to find that some things are just notably different and the transition between those things is extremely obvious... 

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. We have a one year-old.

For her birthday, she picked out this specific book. She was surrounded by mountains of novellas and encyclopedias and selected this dog book. It has not left her side since. 

Emma is no longer a baby. She is no longer an infant. She is no longer babying but toddlering. 

This past week has been one of the most exciting times for me in her little life. I am in complete amazement by her and all of her new tricks.

Side note: I am sure that she was doing most of these things when she was 11 months and 30 days old, but it just seems like her development has taken one giant leap forward. I guess we are going to go with it. Why not?

On Tuesday evening, Emma and I were playing in our toy-nado formerly known as the living room when my mom called us on FaceTime. We did our typical hellos and how are you doings and what's crack-a-lackings with Emma trying to reach through the phone screen and grab my mom's face. Emma was sitting on my lap, showing off her three shark teeth, and pointing directly at my mom's nostrils. She eventually hopped off my lap and proceeded to point out all her goodies so I flipped the camera to face Emma while she did her thing and something amazing happened.

I asked her to grab her Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and she went right on over, grabbed it, and gave Minnie a big old hug. I asked her to grab her book and she scooted over to her animal book and started perusing the pages. She opened to a page filled with different domestic pets and I asked her where the dog was and she pointed right to the dalmatian. Fluke right? Good guess right? She loves dogs so that had to be a lucky guess. Right? Right. She then turned to another page with different birds, about 15 or so, and I asked her to point out which one was a penguin. And you know what? She pointed right to it. My jaw dropped. Finally, she turned the page to the farm animals and I thought I'd try it again. I asked her where the cow was and she pointed right to it! WHATTTTTTT?

If you followed that very long mommybrag moment, you should know that I am just completely overwhelmed at her development. I no longer feel like I have a flailing little potato here but a cerebral tiny human soaking in her surroundings and putting her giant brain to work. She is mesmerizing. She is magnificent. I am in awe.

This is one. 

What is in store for us next?