Planner | Week 4 and 5

Last week was particularly busy, but thankfully I had my planner to help me sort through my thoughts and to-dos. I was exhausted by the time I got home from work each day, so I didn’t pop on to blog at all (GASP) and I didn’t get to show you my week 4 planner spread (DOUBLE GASP). But hopefully that means today is a treat because I get to show you both planner spreads for week 4 and week 5! Mini-celebration, woo!

2019 planning is in full swing. For those of you who just started using your 2019 planner, how is it going for you? Do you feel like you are keeping up with it? I used to be rather wishy-washy with planner usage, but since getting the Blessed Is She planner, I’ve completely committed to writing everything out. I also use it as a memory keeper too. It’s just the best.

Week 4

w4 1.jpeg
w4 2.jpeg

Week 5

w5 1.jpeg
w5 2.jpeg

Happy planning!


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